One-on-One Personal Training

Who can benefit from a Personal Trainer?

Quite simply put, anyone and everyone.  Personal training is tailored to your stated desires, goals and well-being.  I have always maintained that I am not here to make anyone cry.  I aim to push you hard but always with the intention of keeping you smiling.

Not sure what your goals are yet? That’s no problem.  I can help you define them and work towards realistic and rewarding outcomes. I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation in order to provide you with more insights or to answer any questions.

What are some of the options available? 

Training sessions can be in person, either at your home or outdoors, or even through livestream depending on which suits you best. Whilst I very much enjoy the energy of being in person with clients, 2020 has demonstrated that training virtually is can be just as effective and even more time efficient.

I train one-to-one, couples, small groups and corporate teams. And my experience ranges from helping clients looking to run a 10km race for the first time, to pregnant women keen to stay active prior to the birth of their child, through to getting cancer survivors back into a fitness regime.


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