6-week Holistic Health Coaching Program

What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic health coaching uses techniques to help clients create a lifestyle that will bring more balance, health and happiness into their lives. By taking a broader view of the factors, which determine one’s wellbeing and analysing how they are interconnected, allows for incremental and long lasting growth to be maintained.  

The many segments of wellness can’t stand in isolation if one’s wellbeing is the ultimate goal. Defining and creating habits to allow clients to flourish in multiple areas of their life is the key to generating true holistic health.

My Approach

Over the course of 6 fortnightly sessions we will work together to examine areas of your life that you choose to improve. During each 50 minute session we will look into how you can improve the health of one or two segments. I will introduce you to a number of tools, techniques and knowledge that will allow you to leave the session with the direction and confidence to implement them into your routine over the subsequent weeks. 

Whilst encouraging you to make incremental and positive changes I will also hold you accountable to seeing them through. I come from an ethos that we will very much be a team but the effort needs to come from both parties.   



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