“Doug Rowe is a brilliant coach. He combines just the right mix of knowledge, enthusiasm, humour and, frankly, scariness to ensure you achieve brilliant results. Whether it be losing weight, gaining strength and stamina or just embracing a healthier lifestyle, Doug will show you how and remind you why. You only have one body: let Doug help you make the most of it.”

Ben Wright - Business Editor, Daily Telegraph

“Excellent coaching on health, wellness and career. Doug worked with me even though he is based in London and I am in New York. We scheduled appointments and communicated in between each call. Doug even sent me exercises and reading materials. Doug was really dedicated to my overall life success! Very appreciative of his work.”

Carly Slivinski - Senior Manager, National Football League

Doug is much more than a trainer in that there is always a full discussion on the art of the possible as well as more aspirational expectations  But through the former with me he has achieved the latter.  I am a completely different shape and through training and discussions on diet and more general exercise have lost 6 inches off my waist and about 17 kilos off my weight.   

Doug took on a very unfit client in his late fifties.  I have put on muscle and definition.  While expensive in new clothes  I cannot thank Doug enough for not only halting the downhill middle age slide but utterly reversing it.”


James Furber, London

Holistic Health Coaching

I’m based in London. I specialise in helping clients find a healthier balance in their life.

Fit for Life

I’m a certified Level 3 Trainer and 200-hour certified Yoga teacher.

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